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How Caetano Veloso Revolutionized Brazil’s Sound and Spirit

The musician’s political persecution pushed him into a career he was never sure he wanted.


Could a “broad spectrum” booster increase our immunity to many pathogens simultaneously?

Why Didn’t Vanity Fair Break the Jeffrey Epstein Story?

The former editor Graydon Carter and a journalist, Vicky Ward, give conflicting accounts of why the magazine didn’t publish sexual-abuse allegations in 2003.

The 2022 Oscar Nominations, and What Should Have Made the List

It was a great year for Hollywood—judging solely from the cream of the crop.

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Will Trump’s Obsession with His Big Lie Save the Democrats?

The past week has reminded anti-Trump voters why it is so vital for them to get out and exercise their democratic duty.

Nordic Skiing and the Race to Defy Expectations in Beijing

It’s only on the cross-country trails that athletes face the quintessentially human track of slogging uphill.

What Happened After the Chicken-Pox Vaccine?

In the COVID era, the success of the varicella vaccine in the nineties is staggering to contemplate.

Amy Coney Barrett’s Long Game

The newest Supreme Court Justice isn’t just another conservative—she’s the product of a legal movement that is intent on remaking America.

The Uncanny Impact of Charles Ray’s Sculptures

The ever-startling creations of the artistic and philosophical provocateur look back to the sublimity of ancient Greek art.

How Critics Could Save the World—or Destroy It

Sheila Heti’s new novel, “Pure Colour,” considers what judgment means in both art and life.

The Common Tongue of Twenty-First-Century London

Schoolchildren in the British capital have developed their own dialect, and my American-born son is learning it.

Russia and China Unveil a Pact Against the West

A sweeping agreement between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping challenges the current political and military order.
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Tabula Rasa: Volume Three

A project meant not to end.

The Radical Woman Behind “Goodnight Moon”

Margaret Wise Brown constantly pushed boundaries—in her life and in her art.

Chuck Klosterman Brings Back the Nineties

In a nostalgic tour through the decade, Klosterman defends Gen X as today’s “least annoying” generation.

Can Germany Show Us How to Leave Coal Behind?

The country embarked on an ambitious plan to transition to clean energy, aiming to lead the fight against climate change. It has not been easy.

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Margaret Talbot on Amy Coney Barrett’s long game, Jonathan Blitzer on the reinvention of Caetano Veloso, Parul Sehgal on Sheila Heti, and more.

February 14 & 21, 2022
Woman dressed in butterfly patterned high Vneck shirt live butterfly on shoulder.

“High Style,” by Kadir Nelson.


“Yellowjackets,” but with Other TV Teens

PEN15”: Maya and Anna scare off any potential rescuers but realize that they don’t need anyone else.

Metrics I’m Glad My Phone’s Health App Doesn’t Track

Steps toward self-actualization, utterances of the phrase “All right, here we go,” and other standards best left unmeasured. 

Trump Produces Podiatrist’s Letter to Avoid Serving in Russian Army

The former President has been “living in terror” of receiving a draft notice from Vladimir Putin to serve with the Russian forces massing on the border of Ukraine.

Merrick Garland in “Justice Never Sleeps”

But it does tend to nod off briefly now and then.

I Got Triggered at the Firing Range

When painful memories of past traumas—lost Teddy bears, mean gym teachers—come up during shooting practice, remember not to let your emotions drive.

Things Easier to Hear Than Movie Dialogue

Tardigrade ASMR, the thoughts of a baguette, and other things that are clearer than mumbling movie stars’ words.

Fiction & Poetry


“I began to run farther and farther at night, in expiation, but also still looking for her.”

“Night Herons”

“All day long you wring yourself out / work virtually / go nowhere.”

Lauren Groff on California and Fairy Tales

The author discusses her story from the latest issue of the magazine.


“With or without me / it is happening.”