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Chinese President Xi Jinping standing next to Russian President Vladimir Putin on a red carpet with Chinese and Russian flags lined up behind them.
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Russia and China Unveil a Pact Against America and the West

In a sweeping long-term agreement, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, the two most powerful autocrats, challenge the current political and military order.

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The Addictive Chills and Thrills of “Euphoria”

Pink and purple portraits of the characters in Euphoria, arranged in a group with Rue (Zendaya) largest at the front.

The second season of the hit HBO show is a thing of beauty—a stylized, heightened, art-directed fantasia of a dark suburbia where really bad things look really good.

February 8, 2022

An Unlikely Champion Racehorse Who Charmed Everyone

An illustration shows two horses racing.

Alphabet Soup was one of those cheerful, upbeat horses—always in a good mood, never of a mind to bite you.

February 8, 2022

Sarah Manguso’s Searching Novel of Sexual Abuse

The poet and writer Sarah Manguso (USA), Santa Monica, California, May 27, 2021.

In “Very Cold People,” the writer uses her unique, omissive style to capture a repressed New England town.

February 8, 2022

The 2022 Oscar Nominations, and What Should Have Made the List

Still from "Licorice Pizza" of the "Pinball Palace", an arcade.

It was a great year for Hollywood—judging solely from the cream of the crop.

February 8, 2022

Why Didn’t Vanity Fair Break the Jeffrey Epstein Story?

A man in a red sweatshirt.

The former editor Graydon Carter and a journalist, Vicky Ward, give conflicting accounts of why the magazine didn’t publish sexual-abuse allegations in 2003.

February 8, 2022
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Warsan Shire’s Portraits of Somalis in Exile

Warsan Shire standing outdoors.

The poet’s new collection melds verse and reportage to capture voices of the Somali diaspora.

Amy Coney Barrett’s Long Game

Amy Coney Barrett in a black robe.

The newest Supreme Court Justice isn’t just another conservative—she’s the product of a Christian legal movement that is intent on remaking America.

How Caetano Veloso Revolutionized Brazil’s Sound and Spirit

Caetano Veloso against a blue background.

The musician’s political persecution pushed him into a career he was never sure he wanted.

The Way She Closed the Door

A comic strip showcasing different memories of the author's life.

The author journeys through time and family history on a frozen river in Winnipeg.


The Dehumanizing Theatre of the Parole Process

In “The Interview,” directed by Jon Miller and Zach Russo, formerly incarcerated people describe what it’s like trying to convince a group of strangers that they are more than the worst thing they ever did.


Russia’s Intentions in Ukraine—and America

Illustration of bear eating map of Ukraine

“They push buttons,” says Timothy Snyder, who takes the long view of Russian aggression. “What button of ours are they pushing here?” Plus, Guillermo del Toro on the appeal of noir.

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